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Special Needs

Introducing Special Needs to Your Children

Most of us know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and most of us recognize October as the kick off to the impending holiday season. But did you know October is also Down Syndrome Awareness Month? Being a mother to a child with special needs is not something I ever planned on. Not sure anyone really […]

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The Blurry Lines of #MeToo

This will be heavy. This might challenge your ideas about #MeToo. This might not fit the mold. It will step outside of the boundaries of what qualifies as abuse, of what rape is. It will make you feel uncomfortable and maybe a little angry. Rightfully so. It makes me angry, too. It forces me to […]

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Energy Use and FPL

Florida Power & Light Company: Putting You in Control of Your Energy Use

Thank you to Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) for sponsoring this post and for providing us with this valuable information on energy efficiency! Here’s a riddle for you:  It is invisible but lights up the dark, and sometimes costs more than you’d like.  Your child’s love? Awe, what a sweet sentiment, and also true, […]

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