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Florida Fall Fashion

Florida, Do You Even Fall Fashion?

Fall fashion is upon us! And, in case the sudden drop from the 90’s to high 80’s wasn’t a clear sign to you, the appearance of Pumpkin Spice Lattes should! It’s time to bust out all your cute plaid button downs, scarves, and tall boots. Lucky for you, I have done all the extensive research […]

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10 Must Haves for the Mommy to Be

10 Must Have Items to Pack for the New Mommy-To-Be

You’re almost there girl! The end is near and you’re counting down the days to your due date. Your go-bag is packed by the front door with everything you think you need. Or is it??? There might be a few things that you didn’t think of because it’s your first. Trust me leaving the hospital […]

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Photo by Mary & Jess Photography

Biting While Nursing: Tips to Save Your Nips

Breastfeeding has been extraordinarily easy for us, right from the beginning. My girl was born, placed on my stomach, and she somehow army-crawled her body up to my right breast and latched on right away. I’ve never had to worry about my supply or fuss with pumping or deal with mastitis (yet). I know many, […]

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Be a Mover and Make a Difference

I live in a bubble. It is full of storytimes, ballet classes and playdates. Endless dinnertimes, bedtimes and Target runs. Sometimes I forget that there is a world outside of my bubble. As a stay at home mom, I am blessed to spend my days living in a wonderful suburban community, surrounded by other families […]

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