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Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Putting Pinterest to the Test {Easter Egg Edition}

What is your Pinterest experience? Mine usually goes something like this: I want to make something with or for my kids, I have an idea, but need a little inspiration. Current example: Easter eggs. As a kid, we grabbed crayons, and store-bought dye had a blast coloring and dunking, and we were done. Of course, I have […]

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Garden Grow - Dig in the Dirt

Gardening Guide for Brown Thumbs

SPRING is HERE! Yes, I know, it has pretty much been here since Fall, but it is OFFICIALLY here now! And it is the perfect time to freshen up those flower beds. At this point you are probably assuming that someone who is writing about gardening knows A LOT about Horticulture, well you would be wrong. My husband […]

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Teaching My Daughter's the F Word

Teaching My Daughters the “F” Word

Is the “F” word actually taboo again in the year 2017? It seems like it was almost out of style and now you are considered “nasty” if you use it. It might also be hurled at you as an insult if you happen to mention something crazy like, “I think men and women should be equal.” Of […]

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New House

This New House

HOUSING. Buying. Selling. Renting. Building. Moving. ALL are stressful. What makes it even more difficult? Doing it yourself. And the cherry on top of that DIY Sundae is doing it with two small kids in tow. My husband and I decided to give ourselves a heaping helping when we broke ground on our first new […]

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